About Aldona

I’m passionate about healing, personal growth and getting down to the root of patterns and problems. I use my skill with chakra healingcrystal healing and a unique understandig of astrology to create a powerful and affective healing session that can change the way you look at your life.

A change in perspective that gives you deeper understanding of you and your time here is what I love bringing to healing and coaching sessions. 

With over twelve years of experience healing people (and animals). My passion is to educate and empower my clients to get to the core of their emotional, mental and physical healing issues.

 Many of my clients report back huge changes in perspective and being able to deal things that would normally send them off the deep end with ease and grace.

We all need deep transformations that change our lives through empathy and energy.

The energy you have created inside you and in your energy field creates your life as you know it. Knowing what energy isn’t serving you and paying specific attention  to the parts of you that are holding you in subconscious pattens that  no longer serve you.

I believe that changing your energy patterns can transform your life.

Connections change those patterns and  by applying energy healing to these specific parts of you there is an oportunity raise your vibration so that it is impossible to have the same old patterns keep happening. You just no longer resonate with those experiences .

We need a new vibration here on earth and in our own lives so that we can aspire to live with dignity and empathy for all beings here.

Knowing where to focus your energy for transformation is the key

My abilities are to look into you and find those places that are out of balance and bring into your awareness what they are and help you empathize with them so that you can finally move on and have the life you want to create and leave the legacy you are longing to leave .

Energy healing works to address the deep rooted causes behind illness, anxiety, pain, and discomfort at every level of your being.

I can assist you in awakening to a clearer more confident expression of you.

*Chakras are energy centers that link the physical body with the Soul and regulate prana or life-force flowing in to one’s organs, glands and systems of the body and brain. When this life force is diminished through wounds, stress or trauma, dis-ease and dis-harmony are reflected in the body, mind, heart and Soul.

Yes I work with the invisible but it’s also the blue print for your current life, when you change your energy you change your life. 

Working with Aldona was simply amazing, everything she said pertained to me and my situation, I am feeling so much better and have a different way to look at my stressors now! Jennifer Morgan

I would recommend a session with Aldona to anyone who is looking for personal insight and growth or may feel unbalanced and blocked.

–  If I had to describe my inner world before our session I would say it was, bumpy, tight, blocked and unfocused.

 If I had to to describe myself after our session I would say how much lighter I felt..like a weight was lifted and I understood myself so much better.  I felt full and happy and relieved to have been able to connect with emotions that were locked inside of me, that were now released.  

I really left this healing feeling alive and refreshed.  It was wonderful in every sense.

Lauren Moody

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