The curated soul

The curated soul


The definition of “curate” means to tend to the souls in the parish, it is a priests work to make sure all the parish participants are well cared for so they can care for the church. The curated soul is one that is cared for by you. Tending your soul can be a daunting task when you think about it, first you have to remember and accept that you have a soul and that it has been through many life times and will likely go through many more. That in it self is difficult to remember on a day to day basis because we easily get caught up in our materials lives and the job of maintaining the body and the “lifestyle” that we have.

Once we have the concept firmly grasped and we remember everyday that we are in it for the long haul so to speak, we can turn our attention to creation, healing the soul and filling the parts of us that need attention with compassion and love.

The first step to this is in the healing of the first 3 energy centers that are a part of our energy body. Once these are healed we can create the life we choose to live.

The first energy center is the energy at the base of the spine it vibrates to the color of vibrant red and is the energy center that grounds us the earth and provides us with all that we need. Feeling safe and secure is the hallmark of a balance base center. Being connected to nature and the cycles of life helps this center stay healthy.

The second energy center is our connection to self and others relationships, creativity, vibrates to the color orange and is located just below the belly button. Children, sex, and making a buck are easy when this center is healthy. The internal relationship of masculine and feminine is also crucial here for if these parts of you are in conflict it feels life you are walking through mud or constantly treading water. We need both masculine and feminine energy to create and move forward in our lives.

The third center is the solar plexus center it vibrates to the color yellow and is located just above the belly button. It can affect digestion and is connected to all the organs that digest your food. When you have a balanced solar plexus you are confident and have clear thinking, you are able to move freely through the world with the right use of will.

When these lower centers are balanced and free they create a human being that is happy and healthy. The soul can move forward with it’s mission of inspired inspiration with ease. Don’t forget your here in this body for a short time and to curate your life in a way that the next life and the lives of all the souls you meet are benefitted and create harmony. We are all in this together for the long haul.

The wormhole effect, the power of magical energy healing

The wormhole effect, the power of magical energy healing




Scientist have recently discovered how to make a magnetic worm hole in the laboratory. “Wormholes are fascinating cosmological objects that can connect two distant regions of the universe. Because of their intriguing nature, constructing a wormhole in a lab seems a formidable task.” You can find the article here: . Yes this is the stuff in science fiction we’ve all heard about for years. It seems to be common knowledge in the world. Ask anyone about worm holes in space and they’ll have an idea of what you are talking about. .

There is another type of worm hole that most people don’t know about but use it and experience it all the time, this “wormhole” is intuition and the ability to reach across time and space with intention and heal someone or to know something. This wormhole is how energy healing works. It’s part of the stuff that physics use to access information about the past and future and read your energy field.

Scientists may have created a worm hole in the lab but energy healers create them every day and use them to heal others at a distance, and it works. This really in my mind should be the head line.

“Healers reach through time and space to heal your soul your energy field and prevent illness cure “incurable” disease and sooth the soul.”

When I read the head line about worm holes in the laboratory I immediately thought to myself “thats what am I doing when I’m giving a distant energy healing!”

The light bulb went off and I knew that wormholes can be created by our minds, by mental activity which is magnetic and electric. Now maybe not a wormhole you could step through to another galaxy but one that connects one soul to another. A wormhole that connects healing energy through to another person or place or thing. A worm hole that allows a trained medical intuitive to see inside your body and see what others can’t see with machines. Machines can’t tell you what emotion is causing your illness and discomfort machines can’t asses the function of an organ and balance it to it’s corresponding energy center.  well I take that back some can just not ones your going to see in the doctors office.

When I’m giving a distant energy healing I connect to my client with my intention, just my mental and focused energy, my desire to connect with a specific person with kindness.

Which is amazing to me and really incredible if you think about it, I am sitting in my living room and my client is in their house half way across the world. And and I am connecting with their energy body that connects to their internal organs and emotions, their stories their history for all their lives.. This is my life I’m working in the unseen rhelms, the space between atoms that permeates everything and that connects us all, we are all part of this space. This space is continuous and is all here all now.

 I don’t know why we don’t learn this in kindergarten

You don’t have to know everything to heal

You don’t have to know everything to heal


You don’t have to know everything about the particular system you are working with you only have to know that it does exists. The system has it’s own consciousness and knows how to balance if you can remind it that it is connected to the whole or a supporting part. It’s supporting energy or have empathy that it is having to do things without a balancing partner.

Without this frequency = intention , concentration and passion behind the act not much will happen.

Knowing how your emotions are related to your physical body gives you the power to create a world that you want to live in.

Allowing for the expression of difficult emotions is healing physically and emotionally when done with empathy and presence.

When we tend to emotions with empathy and compassion we clear the way for new life experiences and often experience the polar opposite of the emotion we were holding in because we unconsciously believed it to hard to feel.  In my own experience the harder the emotion to feel that I was suppressing the more free and alive and happy I feel in the days after the expression of the “difficult” emotion. Then that new happiness and ease becomes your new set point and you become happier and happier. Your lows are less low and you feel even most of the time.

You start to care for yourself in away that you have never before experienced.

When we care for ourselves we can care for others, when we have the ability to care for others we can care for our environment when we care for our environment we care for the earth. We all have the ability to send love to the universe and as creators of our world when we have this knowledge we have the obligation to do this every day send love send a loving balm across the earth and the universe. It is you , you are it, we are one.

That perspective however is hard to keep going if you are having trouble paying the bills. Your internal experience is the most important one your are having and when you keep this as a sacred practice continually reminding yourself of the love that is available to you , your outside experience will soon match your inner one.

This is where faith comes in just try for more then a few days and you will soon see for your self. Fear will disappear and compassion and love takes its place.

So the importance of repeated  practice is what changes your life. It changes your brain and changes the way you think and changes your vibration that you send out into the universe and the universe responds by sending you like vibratory experiences. The hard part is getting past the stage where nothing is happening and just keep the faith keep letting the emotions that are difficult in the face of trying to change your experience and keep practicing love and compassion for yourself your body your life and the lives of those around you.

Have reverence for your journey as a human being and bring that reverence in to all that you do every day , especially the mundane. Have reverence for the most common experiences and life will start to amaze you in the simplicity of joy that is ready to jump into place as you make space in your experience and play at life. Love life and all that it shows you.

 As you get to know yourself better you will be able to heal yourself emotionally physically and spiritually all through your awareness and compassion you have for your own imperfect, perfect human experience.leaves-769450_1280

What happens when you balance someones energy field?

What happens when you balance someones energy field?


So what happens when you balance someones energy?

When you balance someones energy the person becomes closer to their natural state which is relaxation and wellbeing.

A balanced energy system allows for flow and ease in being, bringing you into the now. When residing in the now moment with an ease in the body mind and spirit there is calm and peace. You are not thinking about tomorrow or next week you are here and now and enjoying the moment.  You may feel more connected to your spirit and that makes everything more easily taken in. All the concerns and worries are smoothed out so you can experience your world without all the demands of fearfulness and stress.

It can take away the magnification of problems and put them in their proper perspective. The mind can temporarily rest in the flow without grasping for safety. When you can practice being in that relaxed state the high highs and the low lows are taken out of life experiences. There can be more happiness and generous out look. You may feel less judgmental towards your fellow human family. You can feel compassion for even the most “distasteful” person.

All the conditioned responses have a slight delay so you can see where you are responding from and have choice of your reaction.

This may not happen over night but does happen with practice and gentleness towards yourself.

One night I had a dream that you could see a person how they started out. The dreamed showed me how we all start out the same, basically a blank slate. It looked like white chalk being dipped in color, then redipped and so on until the chalk is full of color. We are all colored differently because not one of us has had the same experience or perspective.  As we go through life’s experiences we are colored by each place in our life where we weren’t allow to have emotion or when we felt scared. These colorations built on the way the next color was applied and so on until we have been shaped and colored by all kinds of experiences. We end up with a mosaic of color and stories that we see our world through. This in turn shapes our experience as humans. We are intelligent and creative beings and learning to create and evolve consciously is an art of being.

Sometimes if the conditions are right the person will feel some emotion that needed to be expressed in order for the energy centre to come into balance. Most often though people will feel relaxed more relaxed then they have ever felt I hear often.

Feeling emotion balances the energy in the body. Your organs hold emotions and tell the story of your energy system. Through balancing techniques the body naturally will come into balance it is like a remembering. When the body remembers that it is not separate then it will come into balance.

Every part or your body has intelligence and can hold unexpressed consciousnesses or energy

Every part or your body has intelligence and can hold unexpressed consciousnesses or energy


Consciousness = energy

In the body of a human and for that matter in the body of everything there are specific places that hold  energy. We hold energy/emotions/consciousness in the body not only in the brain. In fact our body is one big brain and reflection of our beliefs and perspectives.

We are basically light beings these energy centers would look like refracted light or a rainbow.

Each color of the rainbow has a different frequency and corresponds to it’s matching emotion and place in the body or meridian.

I have seen this over and over again working with clients that the emotion will very specifically go with a certain part of the body like a limb or organ or it is either along a meridian or right in the area of the part of the body that holds that specific color/vibration/emotion/consciousness.

I’ve found that you can empathize directly with thought to these energies and when they feel heard the body can relax. Often I will just reflect back to a the person body what I am hearing on that mental level and the energy moves and pain magically diminishes considerably .

When you work with the human body you are working with  consciousness and with energy on all levels, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

You are working with a multi level being who has learned to flow their energy in a certain way and it is possible to learn to read a person and their emotions with practice and time. It is predictable and follows general guild lines so that from one person to the next there are similarities when similar emotions are not fully expressed.

It is possible to learn to read the human body on every level and access  unexpressed consciousnesses to relieve pain and create a healing environment that creates lasting change.

Here are some examples of what you might experience if you have emotions/consciousness/energy that needs to be released in your being.

If your relationships never seem to work out or are difficult this could be the sacral energy centre that is out of balance or holds a belief or energy that says “relationships never work for me”. Or something life this ‘I always have a hard time with people”.

If your confidence is waning and you never seem to complete things then that could be your solar plexus energy center. If you are having anxiety all the time about small things then that could be your heart energy center and so on.

The base energy center that connects with the earth is your home your way of making money , how you connect with the natural world and where you belong.

This base area can have to do with sex and power and security.

Being grounded can have it’s advantages.

Healthy sex life and attitude about sex is balanced base and sacral area.

Sometimes it can seem that we have no control or power over the way we feel. To know the why is to know the way back to harmony, peace and contentment.

To know that we are not random that each organ and each part of our body has meaning each part of our life has meaning. Your connections to the earth matters. Your connection to your self and others matter. You and your energy matter in this world to you , you are your whole world and the way you see it is what matters.

How I see things matters in my world. You have much more power then you are led to believe. Believe you have power and you do . And the opposite is also true.

Living in a world of vibration

Living in a world of vibration


A word or two about vibration.

Vibration or frequency is what we are learning to hear or tune in to when we are learning to decern, our thoughts, the thoughts of other and mass consciousness thoughts or the thoughts or communication from higher beings.

I do not operate on the same vibration I did when I was a child (but wish I did). I don’t operate on the same vibration of when I was in my twenties or even my thirties (thank goodness for that, personally those ages were difficult for me). I’ve always been really sensitive and many times i’ve been told that I am too sensitive. Which to me is not a bad thing most of the time.

For a long time I hid this sensitivity from others and even myself by drinking and smoking and just basically over doing everything. In any case being sensitive has it’s draw backs even if you are aware of it you still have to learn which feeling is yours and which is your neighbors quite literally.  Sensitive people have more mirror neurons then most people which enables them to feel what others are feeling. Mirror neurons are thought to be essential in having compassion for others.

We live in a sea of vibration and frequency it may seem haphazard and random but we are all drawn to the experiences we shine with or have resonance with. We shine and radiate out our beliefs and fears and unprocessed emotions and glide along the wave of our own universe.

I assure you everyone is having an experience that is truly their own, but at the same time supports the total experience of everyone else in their sphere of influence in their time line and dimension. Something like a shared dream if you will.

I don’t pretend to know about time lines and dimensions but the more you become aware and clear your energy field so that you can fine tune your senses things become infinitely more interesting.

You will find that everything is alive and willing to participate if you are able to interact consciously with it. That means literally everything that has form has consciousness that holds it in that physical form. Never mind things that don’t have visible form. Life as we know it changes with this magical perspective a non-dual , macro-micro perspective that becomes a way of seeing and participating in a world that talks back to you. 

When you become aware of your world and see everything as vibration everything changes. You begin to master what you would like to feel, hear and see. Your desires become manifest much quicker and you live with the feeling of connectedness and support that has always been there waiting for you to notice it.