You've got this

create lasting and meaningfull change in all areas of your life through healing and understanding of your own unique energy system

Discover your own unique energy patterns and change your life

My sessions, whether focused on information about what is blocking you in your energy field or healing the unconscious hidden patterns, I aim to uncover your true divine nature.

Everyone is colored by their own story and carries a specific destiny, which is easier to realize if you can cut through all the energy that is no longer serving you. Effortless transformation can follow leaving your true nature to guide the way.

Experience the magic of energy healing and what it feels like to be in alignment with your soul.

*Discover simple tools to get unstuck

*Clear guidance on your next steps

*Get to the root cause of problems

*Gain a new powerful perspective of your life

*Reduce stress feel in alignment with your soul mission

*Connect with the energy and mysteries of life and feel supported

*Increase mental clarity

*Understand and clear root patterns and early programming that are keeping you stuck.

* Better able to cope with stress

*Chakras are energy centers that link the physical body with the Soul and regulate prana or life-force flowing in to one’s organs, glands and systems of the body and brain. When this life force is diminished through wounds, stress or trauma, dis-ease and dis-harmony are reflected in the body, mind, heart and Soul.

Working with Aldona I have gotten to feel a sense of peace within in some of the darkest spots of my life.  I have felt relief of emotional pain that has been holding me back from achieving goals, dreams and wishes in my life.  I have also felt a relief of physical pain that was emotionally related in nature.

Kate Donoghue

Energy Healing and Astrology Session

Energy Healing and astrology session 

In this hour and a half  session you will receive energy healing remotely or in person. We will look into your energy body and find out what needs healing. There could be beliefs or thought forms that need transforming and upgrading. We will agree on a time and you will relax while I heal and balance your system. It’s best to allow for sometime before and after the session to relax so you can receive the full benefit of the energy healing. We’ll use Inner Presence Coaching, Stone Medicine and Chakra Balancing to bring clarity, empathy and healing to all the parts of you that need attention. Some times if you are able to bring your exact birth time and we can use your own unique asteological pattern to heal and transform deep patterns embeded in your chart. 

Energy Healing / astrology session  $150 use the “book my session” button below to get started

Energy Healing and Stone medicine session

Energy healing with shamanic stone medicine session 

In this energy healing session we will look into and balance the energy of your chakras, We will address what ever your system is needing as far as building or dispersing energy. You will leave the session with an understanding of what needs attention and exacticly where and how to shift the energy so you can go forward and heal.

We will pick a stone ally to work with and use the energy of a specific stone that gives you a longer term plan so you can incorperate stone medicine and awareness into your life right away. 



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After you pay for your session I will email you times we can connect and do the session. All session are done remotely unless you happen to be in Asheville North Carolina.

By signing up for the session, you agree to the following:

I understand that energy work is a simple, gentle distance technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation.  I understand that there is no medical diagnosis or treatment, nor interference with treatment by a licensed medical professional.  I understand that energy work does not take the place of medical and/or psychological care.   I also understand that not everyone senses an energy session as it happens, but I will do my best to trust the process.